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Why us

We are a committed company of pneumatic actuators and valves with ISO/SIL certified. Our competitiveness results from our company value as follows:


Zoyu Automatic Control is dedicated to manufacturing and trading superior pneumatic actuators based on the customer-centered strategy. By taking into consideration essential need of end users, we aim to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of related pipelines and equipment. Frequent contact and coordination with our customers enable us to upgrade our ultimate performance of our work through leveraging our key sources.


Our production and quality control system highly depends on exceptional efficiency management of labor and facility. The control of labor cost is of tremendous significance for industrial competition. Nowadays growing labor cost has posed a challenge to most valve factories. However Zoyu Automatic Control uses state-of-the-arts CNC and other automation equipment during all the processing to minimize our dependence on manual procedure, while all the inspection is easily done immediately after the all machining and assembly of actuators and valves thanks to our high accuracy of our equipment.

Moreover we implement a series of strategies to improve our labor professionalism, including continual training, effective interaction, employees incentivizing, etc. It is our firm faith that our workers are our major asset and should be motivated instead of being disciplined.


Zoyu Automatic Control started the business as a humble factory but now develops into a modern enterprise in multiple roles. We are recognized as a notable manufacturer, trader, stockist, engineer, purchaser, contractor, etc. Based on various requirement of our customers, our team can make flexible operation and offer integrated services with the quickness. The ultimate goal of such practice is to safeguard our interest of customers and enhance the competitiveness.


Our services never stops at shipment, but ensure the long terms utility. Pneumatic actuators and valves from our company are tested strictly before the release. Zoyu Automatic Control gives a warranty of 12 months with a complete package of commissioning and maintenance guidelines for our users, assuring the smooth operation on site. Customers can always get a prompt response from our aftersales specialist within 24 hours once any problem is encountered. Concerned about site feedback and usage of our products, we have each customers enjoy the unique aftersales tracing program, which records the function and service performance every 3 months and formulate the service life analysis report.


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