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About us

Zoyu Automatic Control is a committed manufacturer of pneumatic actuators and valves from China to offer prompt service and robust products on site. Our factory with state-of-the-art facility enables our customers to reduce cost and have a direct control over continuous orders.

What we value

Perfection, Credibility and Responsibility

What we pursue

We endeavor to provide robust pneumatic equipment for the most demanding service.

Why us

1. Customer-oriented strategy through optimized cost management ;

2. 100% test rate of rugged products to assure durability on site;

3. Thousands of stock products to save your delivery time;

4. Flexible operation to meet stringent criteria in various industries;

5. Secure long term interest of customers by 24-hour response and 12-month warranty period.


Contact: Zhang Heng (Bill )

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Tel: 86 0577 86915200

Email: cspneumatic@hotmail.com

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