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Installation of Pneumatic Valves

Installation and maintenance


Before installation, you must carefully verify whether the product model, specification, material, etc. meet the order requirements.


Before installation, you must carefully check whether the surface of the product is damaged and whether the screws are loose.


Before installation, check the inner cavity and sealing surface of the valve for dirt and rust.


Before installation, clean the sealing surface and flange connection surface, pipes, interfaces and runners.


Open and close inspection should be carried out before installation to check whether the valve stem is flexible.


The valve must be installed in accordance with the valve flow direction arrow and the medium flow direction.


When the nominal diameter of the valve body is smaller than that of the pipeline, tapered fittings should be used.


The pneumatic valve should be installed in a place where the ambient temperature is between -20 and 50 , and there is no strong corrosive gas in the air, and it must be far away from continuous vibration equipment.


The pneumatic valve should generally be installed on a horizontal pipeline, and support is generally required for horizontal or inclined installation to avoid additional stress on the valve.


In order to facilitate maintenance and repair, the pneumatic valve should be installed near the ground or floor. When the ductile height is ove 2 meters, it shall amount on the platform. At the same time, if there is manual operation, the installation location should also consider the convenience of manual operation by the operator and the easier to see the opening indication.


The pneumatic valve should not be installed directly below the bypass valve to prevent the medium in the bypass valve from leaking on the pneumatic valve.


For pneumatic valves in dusty environments, a rubber or plastic sleeve should be installed around the stem to protect the polished surface of the stem.


During installation, the axis of the valve inlet and outlet should be consistent with the axis of the pipeline; the end faces of the pipe flanges should be parallel, and the distance between the pipe flanges and the pneumatic valve flange should be equal; the flange connecting bolts should be tightened evenly and symmetrically.


The diameter of the gasket between the valve and the pipeline should not be less than the nominal diameter of the valve, and its material should be compatible with the type of medium and temperature.


Assign related maintenance personnel to do visual inspection each month and regular maintenance three times each year.


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