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Pneumatic Ball Valves

  • Pneumatic wafer ball valve
Pneumatic wafer ball valve

Pneumatic wafer ball valve

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  • Delivery time: 5 days
  • Production Capacity: 10000 set/Month
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  • Product description: Pneumatic wafer ball valve is composed of pneumatic double piston gear rack actuator and ultra-short wafer type ball valve.
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Product: Pneumatic wafer ball valve


Pneumatic wafer ball valve is composed of pneumatic double piston gear rack actuator and ultra-short wafer type ball valve. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power station, In light industry and other fields.


1.    The actuator is connected by direct mounting with the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, small friction resistance, small backlash, stable and reliable action, etc;

2.    The valve body adopts integral structure. Through precise processing and assembly, the ball is inserted from one end. The sealing retainer is tightened to keep the two valve seats and the ball core in good contact and bubble tightness;

3.    Due to the integral structure of the valve body, the valve achieves an ultra-short face to face distance. Thus the weight of the whole machine is greatly reduced, which is only about 50% of the common ball valves of the same type.

Main parts


Valve body



Pressure ring

2Cr13, 304, 316



PEFE, PPL, 304



2Cr13, 304, 316



2Cr13, 304, 316


Sealing packing

PTFE/flexible graphite


Nut gland

2Cr13, 304, 316


Valve body form

Straight through casting short valve

Nominal diameter


Nominal pressure

PN1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4 MPa;

ANSI 150, 300LB;

JIS 10, 20, 30K

Flange standard

EN1092-1, ANSI B16.5, JIS B220 ,

Connection Type

Wafer type

Sealing packing

V-shaped PTFE packing, flexible graphite packing, etc.

Actuator model

Single and double acting pneumatic actuators

Supply pressure


Air source interface

G1/4", G1/8", G3/8", G1/2"

Operating temperature

-20+ 18 0

Ambient temperature


Form of action

Single-acting actuators: air-closed (B)-valve position open (FO) when degassed; air-opened (K)-valve position closed (FC) when degassed

Double-acting actuators: air-closed type (B)-valve position maintenance (FL) when degassed; air-opened type (K)-valve position maintenance (FL) when degassed

Optional accessories

positioner, solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, retention valve, travel switch, valve position transmitter, hand wheel mechanism, etc.


1. Q: Do you have any certification for Pneumatic wafer ball valve?

A: Yes, it is certified by ISO 9001 and SIL Level 3.

2. Q: Can I get one free sample to try in my market?

A: Yes, one set of free sample is dispatched by door-to-door courier.

3, Q: Can you customize our design and logo for Pneumatic wafer ball valve ?

A: Yes, we can do ODM and OEM for all customers.

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