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FAQ on ZYV, pneumatic actuators and valves factory

About us

1.    Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer with ISO 9001 certified.

2.    Q: Where are your factory?

A: We are located in Wenzhou, China. Our factory is near Wenzhou Airport.

3.    Q: What is your major products in the factory?

A: We produce pneumatic actuators and pneumatic valves. We can also supply pneumatic accessories.

4.    Q: How can I stay tuned to your new products and updated activities?

A: Please subscribe to our Linkedin and Facebook Page. You can also contact us by whatsapp/Wechat:

How to order:

1.    Q: Can I have the pricelist and catalogs of actuators and valves?

A: Yes, you can get our price and catalog within 24 hours via mail: cspneumatic@hotmail.com

2.    Q: Do you have any distributor of actuators and valves in my country?

A: Yes, we cooperate with big importers and distributors in various countries. If there exists no distributor in your region, you can get products by door-to-door courier and pay by paypal or credit card.

3.    Q: Do you have any certification for actuators and valves?

A: Yes, it is certified by ISO 9001 and SIL Level 3.

4.    Q: Can I get one free sample to try in my market?

A: Yes, one set of free sample is dispatched by door-to-door courier.

5.    Q: Can you customize our design and logo for actuators and valves?

A: Yes, we can do ODM and OEM for all customers.

Aftersales Service:

1.    Q: What is your warranty period of actuators and valves?

A: We offer 12 months for our products after the shipment.

2.    Q: How can I do commissioning and maintenance for this product?

A: We have detailed product manuals and trouble-shooting videos with regards to commissioning, startup, maintenance and repair. Moreover our aftersales specialist can pay a visit to the local site with reasonable charges

3.    Q: How can I get spare parts for this product?

A: You can get renewable spare parts from us easily by informing us of order number, purchase date and model number. For more details of spare parts , please click here.

4.    Q:Can you train our employees for actuators and valves?

A: Yes, we have annual visit to our customers for training and presentation, through which we elaborate on features and of products and services


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