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Pneumatic Ball Valves

  • Pneumatic thread end ball valve
Pneumatic thread end ball valve

Pneumatic thread end ball valve

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  • Product description: Pneumatic threaded ball valve adopts automatic CNC numerical control processing with smooth inner cavity and excellent sealing performance. It is widely used in industrial control occasions such as fo
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Product: Pneumatic thread end ball valve


Pneumatic threaded ball valve adopts automatic CNC numerical control processing with smooth inner cavity and excellent sealing performance. It is widely used in industrial control occasions such as food, environmental protection, petroleum, papermaking, chemical electric power and other industries.

Working principle

It is composed of a rotary pneumatic actuator and a ball valve, which is suitable for cut-off and adjustment.  It relies on air supply to realize operation of 0℃-90 ℃ with limit switch to prevent misoperation.


1.    The cylinder is made of aluminum alloy material, and rack and pinion configuration has a large output torque ;

2.    It adopt high mouting platform, which can be directly connected with the cylinder, avoiding the shortcomings of cylinder accuracy deviation caused by loose bracket ;

3.    It is easy to operate and quick to open and close. It only needs to rotate 90° from fully open to fully closed to facilitate remote control;

4.    The fluid resistance is small, and the resistance coefficient is equal to that of the pipe section of the same length ;

5.   When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball and the valve seat are isolated from the medium, and when the medium passes, it will not cause corrosion of the valve sealing surface;


Part Name

Material name

Valve body






2Cr13+ nitriding









Sealing ring


Applicable medium

Water, gas, steam, oil

Nitric acid and other corrosive media

Corrosive media such as acetic acid

Corrosive media such as urea

proper temperature

0 -180

Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter DN

DN10-DN100, 1/2'' -4''

Nominal pressure (MPa)

PN1.6 , 2.5 , 4.0 , 6.4 MPa

Valve body form

Three-piece investment-cast valve body and two-piece investment-cast valve body

Connection Type

External thread, BSP, NPT,


"O" spherical rings

Flow characteristics

Approximate quick-open type

Range of motion

0 90°

Seat Leakage

According to ANSI B16.104 , less than 0.01% of rated KV ( soft seal: zero leakage )

Basic error

With positioner: less than ±2% of full stroke


With positioner: less than 2% of full stroke

control method

Two-position switch control, 4-20mA  feedback control

Actuator model

AT , AW series single and double acting pneumatic actuators

Supply pressure

0.4 0.7MPa

Air source interface

G1/4" , G1/8" , G3/8" , G1/2"

Ambient temperature

-30 +70

Form of action

Single-acting actuators: air-closed (B) -valve position open (FO) when degassed; air-opened (K) -valve position closed (FC) when degassed

Double-acting actuators: air-closed type (B) -valve position maintenance (FL) when degassed; air-opened type (K) -valve position maintenance (FL) when degassed


1. Q: Do you have any certification for Pneumatic thread end ball valve?

A: Yes, it is certified by ISO 9001 and SIL Level 3.

2. Q: Can I get one free sample to try in my market?

A: Yes, one set of free sample is dispatched by door-to-door courier.

3, Q: Can you customize our design and logo for Pneumatic thread end ball valve?

A: Yes, we can do ODM and OEM for all customers.

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