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Technical Innovation

What are benefits of pneumatic cut-off ball valve?

In the fluid pipeline, benefits of the pneumatic cut-off ball valve are reflected in the following aspects:

1. The pneumatic cut-off ball valve is light in structure, flexible in use, easy to transport and maintain.

2. The fluid resistance of the pneumatic shut-off ball valve is small, ensuring the smoothness of the fluid during transportation. At the same time, it has strong sealing performance and can be used in conventional air pressure and vacuum environments.

3. The air of air supply can be directly discharged after being used up. The air is clean and non-polluting, which does no harm to the human health and the environment.

4. Advanced materials are anti-corrosive, durable and reliable.

In summary, pipeline operators should master the product characteristics of pneumatic shut-off ball valves and understand the maintenance knowledge of pneumatic valves, improving the work efficiency and extend the service life of the valve.


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