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How to assemble pneumatic butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of rack & pinion pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve, using the circular butterfly plate that rotates with the valve stem to open and close.

The following procedures will help you assemble the pneumatic actuator with butterfly valves.

1. Check if the actuator has surface defects;

2. Insert stem adapter into butterfly valve;

3. Match the stem adapter with actuator shaft;

4. Insert bolts into bottom holes of pneumatic actuator;

5. Match the valve yoke with bolts;

6. Assemble the nuts and tighten them evenly;

7. Put the inlet adapter into the air holes of pneumatic actuator;

8. Adjust the positioning nuts if the disc travel is not correct;

9. Take off the inlet adapter and mount solenoid valve;

10. Do the function test with solenoid valve.

For more details, please check our video on youtube.



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