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Pneumatic Gate Valves

  • Pneumatic high pressure gate valves
Pneumatic high pressure gate valves

Pneumatic high pressure gate valves

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  • Product description: Pneumatic high pressure gate valve is a combination of forged high pressure gate valve and pneumatic actuator, which is mainly used in high temperature and high pressure working conditions up to 550°C
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Pneumatic high pressure gate valve is a combination of forged high pressure gate valve and pneumatic actuator, which is mainly used in high temperature and high pressure working conditions up to 550°C and 42 Mpa.

Working principle

The pneumatic high-pressure gate valve relies on the air source pressure of the actuator to drive the opening and closing of the valve, and uses the air pressure to drive the gate to move up and down, so as to connect (fully open) and cut off (fully close) the fluid medium in the pipeline.


1. The material is selected from chromium molybdenum alloy steel or stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and high pressure;

2. Unique self-sealing design bonnet, the higher the pressure, the more reliable the seal;

3. The fluid resistance is small, and the sealing surface is less eroded and eroded by the medium;

4. The flow direction of the medium is not restricted, without disturbing the flow, and without reducing the pressure;

Material of main parts

Valve body/Bonnet/Wedge

Cast steel, stainless steel

Sealing surface of valve body and gate

Hard alloy


stainless steel


35 # steel


20 # seamless steel pipe


Cast aluminum alloy

Manual nut


Sealing ring

Spiral wound metal graphite gasket

Piston ring and collar

Oil-resistant rubber O-ring

Major Specification

Valve Size

DN40-DN600 , 1 1/2 '' -24''

Valve Pressure

PN 10.0 Mpa – 42.0 Mpa, Class 600 – class 2500

Air Supply

2.5 bars -8 bars, Max 10 bars




On-off, quick opening and closing, emergency shut-down

Suitable media

Water, oil, gas, air, particles, etc

Working temperature

-40 to 450

Ambient temperature

-20°C to 90°C

Optional accessories

solenoid valve, positioner, limit switch, filter, regulator, lubricator, etc

Structural features

1.    This valve is mainly composed of valve body, bonnet, gate, valve stem, sealing ring, double-layer cylinder and its piston, piston rod, baffle as well as buffer mechanism, manual mechanism, pneumatic - manual conversion device and bonnet filling device, etc. composition

2.    When the upper piston travels to the upper end of the stroke, the upper echo can be pushed up to send a signal; the lower end of the stroke of the lower piston can be pushed down the lower echo to send a signal, which is used as the simulation of the gate valve opening and closing information in the central operating room Display on the dashboard ;

3.    The extension of the upper part of the handwheel indicates the ascent and descent of the lever, which indicates whether the valve's shutter is in the raised state or the lowered state. When the gate valve is closed, the outreach indicator rod is in the low position; otherwise, when the gate valve is fully open, the outreach indicator rod is in the high position. This is the on-site indication of the valve opening and closing status

4.    The upper part of the cylinder head is equipped with a pneumatic - manual conversion device. Lift the switch handle clockwise to the " pneumatic " positioning hole for positioning, and the gate valve is in the pneumatic operation state; conversely, lift the switch handle counterclockwise to " manual " for positioning at the hole, the gate valve can be manually operated. The conversion direction of the handle with bevel gear is opposite. When manually operating the gate valve, the handwheel rotation direction is the same as that of the ordinary manual valve, that is, turn clockwise to close, and turn counterclockwise to open. The reverse rotation of the bevel gear.

Installation, use and maintenance

1. Before installing the valve, carefully check whether the model meets the requirements for use.

2. The valve can be installed in any working position, but the convenience of maintenance and operation should be considered.

3. Before the valve is installed, the valve body should be tested for sealing; before the valve is installed, more than three no-load opening and closing tests should be performed. The gate switch of the pneumatic gate valve should be flexible, and various shafts must not be stuck.

4. During the installation process, the dirt in the hole, the sealing surface and the joint surface should be removed , and the connection bolts should be tightened evenly.

5. Sealing test, pneumatic and manual operation test shall be carried out after installation. At the same time, check whether the echo signal can be sent correctly when the valve is fully open or fully closed.

6. When the valve is in use, it is required to fully open and close the gate, and it is not allowed to open the gate valve as a throttle valve to adjust the flow rate. Otherwise, the sealing surface will be damaged under the scouring of the medium flow rate.

7. During the use of the valve, a small amount of lubricant should be added to the inner wall of the cylinder regularly ( 18 months).

8. During the use of the valve, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out depending on the frequency of its actions.

9. The conversion handle on the pneumatic - manual conversion device is in the manual position, and pneumatic operation is absolutely not allowed .


1.    Q: Do you have any certification for Pneumatic high pressure gate valves?

A: Yes, it is certified by ISO 9001 and SIL Level 3.

2.    Q: Can I get one free sample to try in my market?

A: Sorry, such sample should be charged firstly but can be returned after the regular orders .

3,  Q: Can you customize our design and logo for Pneumatic high pressure gate valves?

A: Yes, we can do ODM and OEM for all customers.

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